Bhagavad Gita and its relation to Human Life

The concept of Bhagavad Gita in Hinduism is multifaceted. As many human beings… as many different inferences one can draw from each shloka (verse) of Bhagavad Gita! In life of human beings… teachings of Bhagavad Gita were nothing less than pure elixir… something that gave meaning to life. We come unto this earth not of our own free will… we just get born. All is based on karma performed in previous manifestations. Based on residual balance of karma of last life… our soul atman… the spirit within manifested present life form!


In the cosmic domain… nothing can err. If Stephen Hawking, the famous physicist in his famous book, “a brief history of time” states that system of God is disordered at some stage… he is not only mistaken but an absolute ignorant in matters spiritual. It is beyond competence of scientists’ world over to understand precepts of spirituality. Spirituality starts from the point where science ends. The domain of God can never be understood by demanding proofs that form essential part of science. In absence of proofs… science carried no meaning. But in domain of God almighty… it was absolute faith in God Almighty that ruled the roost.


Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism explicitly states that God Almighty in present life can only be reached by having absolute faith in God Almighty. None can see or feel God… but we still believed in God based on inherent explicit faith in God Almighty. It is through path of absolute faith in God Almighty from beginning of life that I finally realized God in 1993 at 37 years of age. Realizing God… reaching God is the absolute crux of life… the ultimate goal of life for all human beings on mother earth. We may or may not prefer to travel spiritual journey in present life… but our ultimate goal of life always remains fixed… reaching God at the earliest!


It is through path of Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism… human beings finally succeeded in reaching God. Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed… all reached stage of enlightenment via path of Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism. In the last about 150 years amongst 7 billion people existing world over… Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana also succeeded in reaching God in their lifetime. Reaching God… realizing God simply meant our soul atman… the spirit within gaining absolute purity.


This also announced end of cosmic journey for a soul atman. One finally reached 8.4 millionth manifestation… last in cosmic life cycle! After reaching stage of enlightenment… the liberated soul atman finally entered kingdom of God (termed Vaikuntha in Hinduism). From first step to reaching stage of enlightenment… all details in respect of path of spirituality are detailed in sacred Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism. Any human being world over… belonging to any religion, faith or belief can follow teachings contained in Bhagavad Gita without changing their religion.


In Hinduism a soul is termed atman.


Teachings of Bhagavad Gita directly relate to path of spirituality… never path of religion… rituals! Unless our goal of life was reaching God in present life… indulgence in Bhagavad Gita was not necessitated. However, for gaining absolute success in life as a physical manifest being… practice of absolute celibacy as detailed in Bhagavad Gita was necessitated. By practising celibacy as it was meant to be… any human being world over can reach any bracket of life… from the stage of laborer to a king. Path of spirituality is traveling path of jnana (pure wisdom) knowing which human beings finally realized their true inner self… became a free soul forever.


Bhagavad Gita relates to human beings in more than one way. Apart from wisdom contained in Bhagavad Gita knowing which human beings finally reached stage of enlightenment, Bhagavad Gita also contained inner truths of life… knowing which human beings finally manifest destiny… became absolute master and controller of life forever. Manifesting destiny was not that easy but unveiling hidden sacred precepts of life contained in Bhagavad Gita… human beings finally reached source of cosmic life from stage of big bang to dissolution of entire cosmos (termed Pralaya in Hinduism).


I was born in Jainism religion yet, I believed more in doctrine of Bhagavad Gita given to mankind by Lord Krishna in the battle of Mahabharata than Jainism scriptures. This does not mean I do not believe in Jainism scriptures but my philosophy of life always had been choosing the best from each religion. Whenever I came across a person from a different religion, belief or faith… whatever positive one had to offer… I willingly accepted it. For me… all religions are path to God Almighty. A true spiritual seeker could never distinguish between different religions of world.


It is practising discrimination at its best I finally reached stage of self realization… God realization! When young, I always searched for hidden truths of life. The moment I realized that it was power of discrimination that distinguished human beings from animals… I started using my power of discrimination with caution. I also realized human form was the highest manifest stage in cosmic life cycle. It was only in human form one reached god. We are truly blessed to have been born human. We truly had only one life to live… why not live it to its best potential!