Bhagavad Gita Study Circle

Bhagavad Gita Study Circle


Based in Roorkee (Haridwar district) Uttarakhand, India… Bhagavad Gita Study Circle is an attempt by Vijay Kumar… the man who realized God in 1993 to disseminate pearls of wisdom realized during search for God.


In this study group… one can ask any query in person relating to any topic, not necessarily spirituality, Bhagavad Gita or Upanishads! Any query relating to life would be welcome. One can visit my place from 11 AM ~ 1 PM every single day when I am in Roorkee! (Contact me for any clarification).


Address for assembly
:   48/207, Civil Lines, Adjoining motel Polaris, Roorkee, Uttarakhand.
(P.S. – no matter what… no meeting at my place would ever result in payment in any form).



If you seek answers to queries like… who am I, purpose of human birth, our connection with soul atman, the spirit within… then my various articles on Internet would suffice. You only need to type your query followed by Vijay Kumar on Google search engine and you shall reach all my essays on the subject. For knowing everything relating to kundalini awakening, your query should be kundalini awakening vijay kumar. Only when meaning of written text is not clear, you can come… clarify your query in person! Do not forget, contemplation was part of spiritual life one cannot do without!



People experiencing difficulties in life like marital discord, students undergoing phases of misery, dissatisfaction must make it a point to attend the gathering. Once underlying hidden cause of various spiritual and cosmic phenomenons became clear… one need not worry about anything in life thereafter. Divorces, suicides were not the call of day… only feeble minded people attempted such heinous crimes. Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads were not only pure spiritual documents… they also gave meaning to life at every stage of life! When the underlying crux of life became clear forever… we practically mastered destiny forever!


Anyone in grief, no matter what the reason must make it a point to come to this congregation may be for once! It is my promise that your life would dramatically change thereafter.


Anything that comes from Vijay Kumar would always be rendered free of all costs to mankind forever. Bhagavad Gita says… everything in this cosmic world belonged to God Almighty! When God is the custodian of all things cosmic… how could there be a price for anything spiritual!