Bhagavad Gita Quotes Mind

As per Bhagavad Gita… mind of the whole cosmos was one. It only had two compartments… mind plus and mind minus. All positive thoughts in cosmos flowed from reservoir of mind plus… negative thoughts from reservoir of mind minus. Human beings only had a brain that worked as a receiving and transmitting station. Based on our balance of karma of the moment… we invoked both positive and negative thoughts.


Our soul atman, the spirit within lived on a frequency much above that of mental waves. When a soul atman finally got liberated from cycle of birth and death forever… it traveled all over cosmos at frequencies much higher than that of mind. Thought waves traveled on a frequency much higher than that of light. For all practical purposes… the frequency of thought waves was almost infinity. As per Bhagavad Gita… a liberated soul atman was free to travel anywhere in cosmos.


A soul is called atman in Hinduism.


It is mind power that facilitates communication between human beings… between human beings and animals and other lower forms of life. As human beings scaled higher brackets of spiritual life… they used much higher mental frequencies than used by normal human beings. At this stage… one experienced intermittent stages of total bliss that could never be expressed in words. Traveling higher levels of mental wavelengths is slowly nearing god step-by-step.


The general assumption that human beings had an independent mind results from our ignorance in matters spiritual. Every human being worked like an independent transistor… a radio! Based on our karma… we could all the time invoke every single thought floating in ether. People with positive bent of mind invoked positive thoughts from reservoir of mind plus and those with a negative attitude all the time invoked negative thoughts that led nowhere.


It has rightly been said, a human being is the sum total of all ones thoughts at a given moment of time. As per this analogy… it is in our interest as human beings to follow path of positive thinking all the time. Only then could we successfully travel spiritual path that directly led to God Almighty. The power of truthfulness emanates from our remaining positive all the time. We just could not become a judge when dealing with others. Every human being had ones own prerogative to follow chosen principles of life. We just could not blame God Almighty for our destiny.


At no stage of life could a human being blame God Almighty for sufferings experienced in life. All was dependent on our karma of present and past. If we erred or indulged in negative thinking in past… how could our future be bright? Human beings kept blaming God Almighty for their woes/sufferings in life all the time… never wanting to realize that essence of life laid in karma performed. Just by molding our karma we could manifest destiny forever.


Understanding difference between mind power and working of brain, human beings could not only undertake spiritual journey easily but also manifest life forever. When young, I came to understand this difference between mind power and working of brain. Using this to my benefit… I finally realized God in 1993 at 37 years of age. We had to become absolute master and controller of life by establishing absolute control over mind power.


Initially it seems extremely difficult but with passage of time, remaining truthful and positive all the time human beings finally took charge of life forever. On path of pure spirituality there could be delays as we traveled totally uncharted path with none to guide. By hit and trial method one finally reached firm conclusions making life easier.