Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10 Verse 3

यो मामजमनादिं च वेत्ति लोकमहेश्वरम् ।
असंमूढः स मर्त्येषु सर्वपापैः प्रमुच्यते ॥१०-३॥



Lord Krishna tells Arjuna, those who believed God Almighty did not have a birth… exists since beginning of time and was Anadi as per Hinduism scriptures… was the knower of absolute truth. Truthfully God Almighty also termed Brahman, Parmatman, Ishwar, khuda, Bhagwan, Sanatana Purusha etc. in Hinduism was beyond perception of normal human beings. God Almighty could be reached via path of spirituality… never religion (path of rituals)! By assimilating words of jnana wisdom contained in Bhagavad Gita… any human being world over could reach God!


The truth of God Almighty could only be realized by travelling path of jnana yoga (path of absolute wisdom). Such a Tattva jnani (knower of absolute truth) at the end of cosmic journey finally gained enlightenment (kaivalya jnana). Such a seeker of spirituality after negating karma to zero finally becomes sinless! Such a liberated human being could no more be bonded by sins any further. Even if an enlightened one indulged in sin knowingly or unknowingly… one was never bonded by the same! Liberated from cycle of birth and death forever… such a freed soul atman finally entered abode of God, kingdom of God (termed Vaikuntha in Hinduism)… moment an enlightened one left mortal frame!


A knower of absolute truth also realizes that all gods and goddesses were only manifestations of God Almighty! In Hinduism, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva (also termed Mahesh) were attributes of God Almighty, forming part of Hindu Trinity of gods. All other gods and goddesses were creation of mankind to worship God Almighty (Brahman in Hinduism) in all its glory. It was beyond limited power of senses to conceptualize Nirakaar form of God (having no form). People preferred praying to Sakaar form of God (having a form)… even though in present times such prayers carried no meaning on spiritual path. Why indulge in something that does not lead to God Almighty. Serious seekers of God always indulged in pure spirituality to reach God.


The Explanation:

Lord Krishna tells Arjuna: God Almighty (termed Brahman in Hinduism) was not a matter of speculation… scrutiny! It exists from times immemorial… had no beginning in time! In Hinduism Brahman (God Almighty) is always termed Anadi (that which existed from beginning of time and was cause of entire manifestation… entire visible and invisible cosmic world)! Lord Krishna emphasizes that concepts like birth did not exist for God Almighty. Why?


Something that never died, something existing forever could never have a birth. As per doctrine of Maya (veil of illusion) propagated by Adi Shankaracharya, God Almighty was the only truth of life. Except God Almighty (Brahman in Hinduism) nothing exists in cosmos. How? The doctrine of Maya says the present cosmos does not seem to have a boundary. Suppose we presume it does have a boundary… then what beyond?


If the present cosmos (Brahmaand in Hinduism) does not have boundary… then it could only exist in thoughts of God Almighty! As per theory of Maya (veil of illusion), the entire cosmos is made up of basic building block of cosmos… clusters of atoms and molecules! Even the human form was but a gaseous formation, clusters of atoms and molecules! Only when perceived from senses point of view, things appeared solid… in reality all was gaseous formation!


When God Almighty was the only truth of life… how could we negate presence of God Almighty in cosmic system! Those who did not believe or questioned existence of God Almighty were ignorant in matters spiritual. To perceive subtle realities of life, to know essence of God almighty… our understanding definition of God Almighty was necessitated! If an individual grain of sand is an independent soul atman… the whole mound God Almighty!


God Almighty never was distinct from us. It exists in all living beings in miniscule form as our soul atman, the spirit within. As per doctrine of Bhagavad Gita presented by Lord Krishna… the present cosmos came into being with explosion of big bang. And who is it that exploded self? It was God Almighty (Brahman in Hinduism) that explodes self to form present cosmos. God Almighty, cluster of all souls’ atmans in cosmos in their pure form exploded self when it regained its lost original pure prime pristine primordial form. And when does God regain its original form?


This event occurs when dissolution of entire cosmos (Pralaya in Hinduism) happened. With dissolution of entire cosmos (termed Pralaya in Hinduism)… the entire cosmos reduced to size of half a thumb! In absence of dross impurities within, all souls’ atmans in cosmos carried the volume of half a thumb! This magnanimous primordial cosmic energy (we called God Almighty, Brahman in Hinduism) unable to contain itself for long in its prime pure state again explodes with a big bang. Immediately all pure souls atmans scatter all over cosmos at unimaginable speeds.


In the melee, all pure souls’ atmans gathered impurities similar as a rolling ball gathers moss. To cleanse self of dross impurities within starts cosmic life journey of every soul atman. To regain its lost original pure prime pristine primordial form… every soul atman, the consciousness within has to pass through a maximum of 8.4 million manifestations. Of which initial 7.3 million manifestations occurred in insect, plant and animal life. In the remaining 1.1 million manifestations in human form, one was expected to reach stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) at the earliest! Everything in cosmic system just seems to happen. How?


Ever since beginning of life, ever since beginning of time… everything in cosmic system is self propagating! All was predesigned, predestined by God Almighty to the minutest detail. Nothing in cosmos happened on the spur of moment. Everything moves with clockwork precision. As we prayed… accordingly the results! If we know a powerful mantra, we could manifest that power easily! By undertaking the spiritual journey, human beings not only manifested destiny but reached God in their lifetime. God Almighty says… one who realized hidden subtle truths of life finally reached him. These subtle truths lay hidden in various sacred scriptures of different religions of world. Not literally… but reading through lines one came to know absolute truth!


A serious seeker of spirituality finally realizes the shallowness of seeking an individual god or goddess. When all gods and goddesses were only manifestations of God Almighty… why not pursue Almighty God himself (Brahman in Hinduism). By travelling spiritual path, when human beings finally gained (kaivalya jnana) in their lifetime… one was known as Tattva jnani (knower of all)! The term Ishwar denotes truth but only truth. God Almighty (Brahman in Hinduism) stood for truth and only truth. By realizing absolute truths of life one finally reached God. All jnana wisdom contained in sacred scriptures acted only as a medium to reach God. It was path of contemplation, self enquiry (Neti… not this, not this) that finally leads to God Almighty.


A religious person… follower of rituals was far away from God! Only a traveler of spiritual path, path of jnana yoga finally realized God in one’s lifetime! Lord Krishna says… having reached stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana)… if one indulged in sinning knowingly or unknowingly… one would still not be bonded by sins incurred! Lord Krishna telling this to Arjuna in battle of Mahabharata indicates that knowingly or unknowingly… Arjuna was bound to sin. For no reason or rhyme, Arjuna must not quit the battle for fear of sinning. Arjuna… one who had established absolute control over five senses (having become a Jitendriya) could not be bonded by sinning. Expressing cowardice in battle of Mahabharata was feigning ignorance in matters spiritual.


Lord Krishna repeatedly reminds Arjuna to fight his enemies even though they consisted of his maternal grandfather Bhishma Pitamah, his revered guru Dronacharya, many relatives and friends. Representing his countrymen… it was his duty to fight the enemy head-on. By indulging in karma, nishkama karma way… by offering fruits of karma performed to God Almighty, Arjuna would still remain an enlightened human being (a Tattva jnani). Once karma negates to zero… dross impurities could not surround one. Arjuna was no ordinary warrior. Amongst the entire Pandava camp Arjuna was the only one who succeeded in establishing absolute control over five senses. Such a knower of absolute truth need not fear anyone.


Repeated admonitions by Lord Krishna to Arjuna finally result in Arjuna agreeing to fight the war. The sermon of Bhagavad Gita was all the time directed towards Arjuna to make him realize cosmic truths of life. Lord Krishna, an avatar of his era was no ordinary person. God manifest in human form… Lord Krishna was a saviour, messiah of Dwapar Yuga. His dissemination of pearls contained in Bhagavad Gita had no parallel in mankind. Such was power of Bhagavad Gita that any human being world over belonging to any religion, faith or belief by indulging in Bhagavad Gita could easily reach God. God Almighty manifested through Lord Krishna. It is not that Lord Krishna himself was God Almighty.


Commentary by: Vijay Kumar “Atma Jnani”… The Man who Realized God in 1993 – May 21, 2013

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