Value of Human Life as per Bhagavad Gita

As per Bhagavad Gita human form carried immense importance. It is only in human form every soul atman finally reached logical end of life. Human form is the highest manifest stage in cosmic life cycle. Human form is the highest stage of evolution in cosmic life cycle. In the human form highest stage of evolution is reaching stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) forever. Even though 70 to 80 years of human life carried no meaning in vast expanse of cosmic life still, it was only in human form every soul atman finally liberated self from cycle of birth and death forever.


The purpose of human life as per Bhagavad Gita was always fixed from beginning of life… gaining enlightenment! Every human being shall one day gain enlightenment, reach 8.4 millionth manifestation… last in cosmic life cycle… when souls’ atmans finally liberated self forever. Human life… human form was but a temporary sojourn for a soul atman. As human beings we were only doing bidding of soul atman within. A soul is termed atman in Hinduism.


Similar as one KG of pure gold sandwiched in hundred KG gold ore cannot separate self of its own and requires requisite mining machinery and processes for the same… every soul atman also required a chain of bodies to manifest self… work out its karma. After completing initial journey of life by manifesting various forms in insect, plant and animal life… every soul atman finally manifested human form. As per Bhagavad Gita every soul atman undergoes a maximum of 1.1 million human forms before it finally reached stage of liberation forever.


Travel in human form is the most pleasant experience for a soul atman. For human beings to gain enlightenment is a wonderful experience that could never be expressed in words. Gaining enlightenment means reaching God forever. As human beings we must never underrate value of life. Pursuing material riches one never achieved anything. As human beings we must always indulge in good karma, positive karma to accumulate Punya karma to the best extent possible. Enlightenment by human beings is only achieved by traveling spiritual path, never path of religion… path of rituals.


We must also remember… we had one life to live… the present earthly sojourn! We do not know what form our soul atman manifests in next manifestation. It is in our interest to complete cosmic journey of life in present manifestation. By following teachings contained in Bhagavad Gita… by pursuing path undertaken by Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa or Maharishi Ramana… any human being world over could easily reach stage of enlightenment.


Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism only showed the way… the journey always needs to be covered by us human beings only. Pursuing worldly path dominated by bloated ego never gained us anything on spiritual path. Intelligent human beings who wanted to reach God in present life ceremoniously followed path of spirituality to reach God early in life. Path of spirituality is the path of spirit… the real self of us! The sooner we realize our real self… the better for us! That was how God Almighty ordained journey in human form.